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MOCSEM Scholarship
How it works
  • The MOCSEM Scholarship was created as a way to encourage and reward youth participation in MOCSEM and the Mustang hobby. The scholarship provides financial funds to be used for college/university/trade school training and is available to MOCSEM members and their dependent children.

  • Basically, candidates earn points for participating in the club in different ways. The bigger the contribution they make toward the club, the more points they earn. The application which can be downloaded from this page has all the details and requirements. Candidates are given credit for their participation by completing the Scholarship Volunteer Form, also available to download here, each time they participate in some way. The form should be signed by a board member and turned in with the application and other required documentation.

  • Many thanks to the MOCSEM Scholarship Committee for their hard work and dedication in making this scholarship possible. The committee consists of Co-Chairs Lonnie and Norma Brammer, in addition to Gary O'Donnell, Jan O'Donnell,  Ken Rutkowski, Ann Rutkowski, and Jeff Beyar. Questions should be directed to the Co-chairs at

  • Please be sure to insert MOCSEM Scholarship into the subject field of the email.


The application form below contains all the details and requirements for applying for the MOCSEM Scholarship. Be sure to read it carefully and submit all the required documenation by the deadline. The volunteer form below should be completed each time you participate in a club activity so you can receive credit for your work.

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